Christon Batey-Smith

Director, Melbourne

Education is dynamic, as the boundaries of classroom, library, outdoor and social spaces are increasingly blurred, education and learning spaces now relate more strongly to 21st century work practices.

Over 25 years of practice in Australia and the United Kingdom, Christon has developed excellent client networks and an impressive portfolio of award-winning education, biotechnical and health projects. Taking a long-term view, he believes education buildings must adapt over time, with inbuilt flexibility that allows students and academics to modify how they use spaces, as education culture shifts and learning styles evolve.

A skilled project director, he leads large multidisciplinary teams and establishes effective teamwide relationships and productive stakeholder engagement. A hands-on architect at briefing, design development and construction phases, Christon emphasises the importance of communicating the vision, value and detail. By remaining open and approachable, he encourages innovation in practice, buildability and technology and advocates for sustainable design.

Headshot of Christon Batey-Smith