Landscape embodies the spirit of life; it links with our aim to create places that are beneficial for people’s health and wellbeing.

DesignInc Sydney - McCarthy-Ador Reserve and Parklands
McCarthy-Ador Reserve and Parklands in Sydney’s south. Photography: Brett Boardman

We plan landscapes holistically, designing from Country and integrating with urban design and architecture disciplines to fluidly transform a site. From commercial or public domains to pocket parks and communal gardens, the landscape component of a project is most successful when integrated from the start.

Our Landscape experience spans a range of portfolios including:

  • Schools and universities
  • Sport and recreation facilities
  • Parks and public open spaces
  • Residential developments
  • Transport and infrastructure facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Community facilities

By creating new and sustainable landscapes we influence people’s feeling for the value of natural environments, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Miriam Enoch
Associate, DesignInc Sydney

Landscape Awards

2022 Winner, Regional Achievement Award—Northern New South Wales, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW) Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2022 Winner, Infrastructure Award of Excellence, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW) Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2022 Overall Winner, Learning Environments Australasia Ultimo Public School
2022 Winner, New Construction / Entire New Education Facility, Learning Environments Australasia Ultimo Public School
2022 Shorlisted, Well Connected Communities with Quality Local Environments, NSW Government Premier’s Award Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2019 Commendation, Landscape & Biophilia, Sustainability Awards Manly Vale Carpark
2019 Finalist, Excellence in Environment & Sustainability, Institute Public Works Engineering Australasia Mitcham Memorial Library
DesignInc Sydney - Brighton Memorial Fields
Interpretive elements at Brighton Memorial Fields. Photography: Brett Boardman
Alanjohn Jones - DesignInc Sydney

Alanjohn Jones

Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Sean MacMahon

Sean MacMahon

Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

Aiden Wong DesignInc Sydney

Aiden Wong

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Jack Huang DesignInc Sydne

Jack Huang

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Jonathon Gallagher - DesignInc Sydney

Jonathon Gallagher

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Julie Smit - DesignInc Sydney

Julie Smit

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Kit Mun Fong - DesignInc Sydney

Kit Mun Fong

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Wenyi Li - DesignInc Sydney

Wenyi Li

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Jesse Selby DesignInc Sydney

Jesse Selby

Graduate Landscape Architect, Sydney