Many of us may not intuitively associate infrastructure with good architecture. But at DesignInc, we believe they are intrinsically linked. We want to move forward and influence the built environment holistically.

DesignInc Sydney - Sydney Metro NW
Sydney Metro North West. Photography: Brett Boardman

Infrastructure projects are about pushing the boundaries of engineering to achieve quality. We embrace the challenge of realising beautiful yet functional outcomes and having the courage to challenge our clients and collaborators to do better.

We don’t settle for just functional results. These projects are critical legacy assets, so we always strive to marry aesthetic and function to get the best project solution with sustainable infrastructure that will serve the community for generations.

Our infrastructure experience includes:

  • Transport interchanges
  • Roads and highways
  • Public Transport facilities
  • Parks and public open spaces

Infrastructure today is evolving in the right direction. Through research and consultation, our projects don’t just address the big urban issues of transport and public place making, but environment and community as well.

Cathryn Drew-Bredin
Director, DesignInc

Infrastructure Awards

2022 Winner, Regional Achievement Award—Northern New South Wales, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW) Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2022 Winner, Infrastructure Award of Excellence, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW) Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2022 Outstanding Achievement, Design, Infrastructure Sustainability Council Rooty Hill Station and Commuter Carpark
2022 Shorlisted, Well Connected Communities with Quality Local Environments, NSW Government Premier’s Award Byron Bay Transport Interchange
2020 Winner, Excellence in Infrastructure Delivery, Annual Leadership Excellence Awards, Local Government Professionals Australia SA Mitcham Memorial Library
2020 Winner, Global Best Rail Project, Engineering News Record Sydney Metro North West
2019 Finalist, Excellence in Environment & Sustainability, Institute Public Works Engineering Australasia Mitcham Memorial Library
2019 Commendation, Landscape & Biophilia, Sustainability Awards Manly Vale Carpark
2018 Winner, Sustainability Category, Australian Construction Association Sydney Metro North West
2017 National Infrastructure Award for Government Partnership Excellence, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Awards Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
2017 Winner, Great Place Award, Planning Institute of Australia (NSW) Oatley Station Access Upgrade
2015 Winner, Great Place Award, Planning Institute of Australia (NSW) Chatswood Transport Interchange
2009 Winner, Engineering Excellence Award for Infrastructure, Association of Consulting Engineers Australia Chatswood Transport Interchange
B-Line Manly Vale carpark
Manly Vale carpark is a key component of the Northern Beaches Bus B-Line transport infrastructure project. Photography: Francesco Camillo
Francesco Camillo - DesignInc Sydney

Francesco Camillo

Senior Designer, Sydney

Ryan Chen

Senior Designer, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Samuel Chen

Samuel Chen

Senior Architect, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Sayali Auti

Sayali Auti

Senior Designer, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Sean MacMahon

Sean MacMahon

Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

Sebastian Cardenas - DesignInc Sydney

Sebastian Cardenas

Senior Designer, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Seng Poh Liong

Seng Poh Liong

Architect, Sydney

DesignInc Sydney - Sabrina Zambetti

Sabrina Zambetti

Architectural Graduate, Sydney