Voytek Trzebiatowski

Associate, Sydney

Simplicity and elegant design are actually essential to successful urban design and transit developments, despite their incredibly complex nature. By reviewing and resolving each element, we achieve simple, functional solutions.

A senior design architect specialising in transport infrastructure, Voytek develops innovative solutions that respond to transit project demands for stringent technical, security, logistical and operational functions. A creative thinker with over 20 year’s experience, he quickly grasps complex urban design issues and understands the scale and safety factors that underpin rail, motorway and aviation infrastructure.

Calm and focussed, Voytek leads with a collaborative approach, motivating creative teams and consultants to deliver compelling design outcomes that function within highly constrained settings. He enjoys demanding projects that must be technically resolved and require an overarching aesthetic solution. Meticulous documentation and accuracy are characteristic of his work.

  • Registered Architect
Voytek Trzebiatowski - DesignInc Sydney