A Fine Balance—Transport and Infrastructure Projects

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Transport infrastructure projects change lives. Yet they are complex to get right, requiring a balance of technical requirements with considerations such as heritage, accessibility, bushfire, landscape, urban and local community contexts.

DesignInc Sydney - Victoria Street Station
Victoria Street Station provides an elegant and contextual response to the site.

As passionate infrastructure designers, improving the transport experience for the people across urban and regional Australia is a key driver for the DesignInc Sydney team.

Having worked with governments and private consortiums for over 30 years to deliver functional and beautiful road, rail and airport infrastructure around Australia, we understand the complexity of delivering these projects while minimising disruption to services. Balancing compliance, budget, contextual sensitivity, sustainability, aesthetic values and sustainability is challenging: our collaborative approach ensures we get the balance right for each site, enabling elegant design solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the community today and into the future.

Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) Accreditation

DesignInc Sydney was one of the first architectural firms in NSW to be AEO Accredited (in 2015). Having successfully delivered dozens of projects under AEO Accreditation, our systems are proven to be robust, and the depth of our knowledge allows us to tailor efficient and elegant solutions for each site.

Since becoming AEO Accredited six years ago, we have successfully delivered dozens of NSW Government transport projects. With each project our systems, knowledge and skills continue to broaden and improve: we are able to offer this deep expertise in transport sector to our clients.

Cathryn Drew-Bredin
Director, DesignInc Sydney

Transport Access Program (TAP)

The NSW Government Transport Access Program (TAP) is a long-term project to upgrade facilities across the NSW transport network to be accessible, modern and welcoming. DesignInc has successfully delivered over 30 TAP projects, each with unique challenges and solutions. Key drivers include heritage context, urban connections and sustainability.

Heritage Context

The award-winning Oatley Train Station provides a strong contemporary structure in harmony with the existing heritage station. Similarly, heritage considerations were a key consideration at the TAP upgrades at Museum Station and Victoria Street Station.

DesignInc Sydney - Oatley Station Upgrade
DesignInc Sydney - Museum Station
At Museum Station modern infrastructure such as ticketing, access, lighting and signage are sensitively integrated into the highly significant existing heritage site.

City-making projects are a privilege to work on because they make a difference to everyday life. Everyone experiences and can benefit from the work we do to make places better. Contributing to that is incredibly satisfying.

Mary-Anne McGirr
Director, DesignInc Sydney

Urban Connections

Creating better connections with the surrounding urban fabric is a key driver at Redfern Station, where new station entries and a pedestrian overpass will link North Eveleigh with Darlington. Shared pedestrian and bicycle zones in the surrounding streets connect the station with facilities such as South Eveleigh, Carriageworks and education centres.

New entrances at Redfern Station connect seamlessly with the surrounding urban streetscape.

At a larger scale, the 30km long Northern Beaches Bus B-Line uses place-making principles to create a series of welcoming human-scaled environments, ensuring a positive experience for patrons viewing the corridor whilst on the bus as well as when using the new shelters and facilities.


Strategically located on the T1 Western Sydney train line near the junction of both the M4 and M7 Motorway, Rooty Hill Station and Commuter Carpark is a key transport hub for commuters in Western Sydney. The six-storey commuter carpark represents a milestone moment in sustainable design and construction for the NSW Government, heralding a new paradigm for electric vehicle use and transitioning towards 100% green renewable energy future. This project achieved a ‘Leading’ ISCA rating.

The award-winning Manly Vale commuter carpark incorporates a world first ‘breathing wall’, designed in collaboration with Junglefy. The innovative green facade incorporates rotating panels that spin 180 degrees to provide easy and safe access for ongoing plant maintenance. The breathing wall provides clean air and noise reduction for locals, creates a habitat for local biodiversity and has aesthetic value by contributing streetscape character to a busy road. Manly Vale Carpark was announced as a finalist for the biophilia category for the 2019 Sustainability Awards.

Manly Vale Carpark, in collaboration with Junglefly, was shortlisted in the 2019 Sustainability Awards.
Photo; Francesco Camillo.
DesignInc Sydney - Rooty Hill Station and Carpark
Rooty Hill Station and Commuter Carpark. Photo; Sandor Duzs.


Successful infrastructure projects are underpinned by collaboration. Our multidisciplinary team of architects, landscape designers, interior designers and urban specialists work together to translate a great concept into a great result. We also work closely with clients, consultants, community and other collaborators to deliver the best possible result for each site.