Melbourne Leadership Grows – Five New Associates Appointed

Melbourne has announced the promotion of five team members to Associate.

Our newest Melbourne Associates, Emer Denneny, Emma Osorio, Damien Ferlazzo, Ashwin Murari, and Cameron James, have a range of professional backgrounds and skillsets. The promotions support our strengths in healthy buildings, laboratory design, brand communication, BIM, sustainability, and large-scale complex projects.

Laboratory and research specialist Emer Denneny is emerging as an industry leader in science, laboratory and research building planning and design. While working on projects for the VCCC, leading universities and research institutes, Emer has developed industry-leading knowledge of biosecurity, physical containment and compliance certification for state-of-the-art research and lab facilities.

Emma Osorio has been leading communications for over five years at DesignInc, advancing Melbourne’s reputation as a leader in healthy building design. As the manager of graphics, marketing, and communications, her ability to lead a team, collaborate with external partners and contribute to business development has strengthened the practice and contributed to new business growth.

We’re delighted to congratulate our new Associates. It’s always a pleasure to offer opportunities for growth to our emerging talents. Broadening the mix of strengths and diversity in our practice is crucial to supporting our vision to create Australia’s healthiest buildings.

DesignInc Melbourne Directors

With a passion for design technology, Damien Ferlazzo is a dynamic self-starter technician who has become a pivotal leader at DesignInc. He contributes to the upskilling of the teams by delivering engaging training and technical development programs and streamlining systems and project modelling. His ongoing mentoring and technical guidance for recent graduates underpins quality outputs.

Project Architect Ashwin Murari has progressed as a key leader in technical design for the practice. He has developed excellence in project leadership, systems knowledge, work style and team leadership skills – characteristics that contribute to our capacity to design and deliver large projects across typologies.

Project Architect Cameron James has been a vital contributor to significant fast-paced and multi-site projects. Often working collaboratively with other practices, Cam’s strong people skills, and ability to manage and coordinate projects with a cool head has driven his potential as a leader.

The Directors summed up the importance of these appointments with this, ‘We look forward seeing these new leaders strengthen and energise our practice. At DesignInc, we strive to acknowledge and reward the value of continual learning, professional development and design performance of our people.’