Moreland Celebrates the Opening of Glenroy Community Hub

Moreland’s grand opening of Glenroy’s new Community Hub on 15 May 2022, was the centrepiece of the 2022 Glenroy Festival. Over 4,000 people attended the celebration of this landmark building, more than doubling previous years.

Smoking Ceremony at the Glenroy Festival. Photo: Jacinta Keefe

A smoking ceremony officially opened the building, and then Moreland mayor Mark Riley gave a great speech, describing the hub as “One beautifully designed, zero energy building”, holding up the project as an exemplar achieving positive environmental and social impacts.

Recently attaining Australia’s first Passive House certification for a building of this type, Passive House Certifier Clare Parry dropped by on the day of celebration with the Passive House plaque and certificate. DesignInc Principal Kieran Leong and Architect Bohemia Hookham, who were instrumental in the building design and delivery, took interested community members on tours of the building, pointing out key sustainability and design features. Building Engineering, WSP and TTW, who greatly contributed to this milestone project, also attended.

Team behind the Hub – Building Engineering, WSP Australia, TTW Engineers, Kieran Leong and Bohemia Hookham and Aileen Ma Head of Building Projects for the Moreland City Council, receiving the Passive House certification.

From the outset, DesignInc listened closely to the community’s aspirations and supported Moreland City Council’s proposal to pursue ambitious goals that reflect the Council and community’s aspirations. Stephen Webb, DesignInc Director for the project, envisaged the project as an exemplar for sustainability with biophilic design values embedded, “The building design focuses on reconnecting people with nature and providing natural experiences,” he said.

The building design focuses on reconnecting people with nature and providing natural experiences

Stephen Webb
Director, DesignInc Melbourne

The use of biophilic design principles establishes meaningful, restorative and uplifting connections with nature to inspire and welcome the community to a place where they can learn, grow, celebrate and heal. In ‘festival mode’, the building adapted beautifully to host performances, food trucks, maker spaces, local stalls, and youth project activities, to name a few.

Both DesignInc and Moreland share a vision for the project as a strategic intervention to break the cycle of generational disadvantage. This project demonstrates how community buildings can lead to social transformation and support community resilience. Over time, Glenroy’s new heart will foster a healthier, more capable and more cohesive community.

The Council is currently known as Merri‑bek City Council since September 2022.

Drumming workshops hosted by African Drumming in the courtyard. Photo: Jacinta Keefe
Story time and songs with Bae Marie in the children’s area of the library. Photo: Jacinta Keefe