Ashwin Murari

Associate, Melbourne

‘Gained through years of experience, my understanding of how the different layers of a building come together means I can quickly identify and resolve technical issues and deliver complex projects on site.’

Associate and Project Architect, Ashwin Murari has progressed as a key leader in technical design at DesignInc. He has developed excellence in project leadership, systems knowledge, work style and team leadership skills – characteristics that contribute to our capacity to design and deliver large projects across typologies.

With over 10 years of experience, Ashwin has worked on projects from defence to education, housing, community and aged care. As a documentation and delivery-focused architect, he takes great pride in attention to detail, producing thorough, buildable documentation that is compliant, clear, and efficient to realise the project vision. Ashwin enjoys the challenges of demanding technical work and dealing with a broad array of people, from contractors and trades to suppliers, subconsultants, and clients.

Headshot of Ashwin Murari