Sydney Airport T1, Bussing Redevelopment

DesignInc Sydney - Museum Station

Sydney’s International Airport’s new bussing infrastructure transports visitors between the terminal and remote stands. DesignInc’s redevelopment of existing facilities improves the passenger experience, provides operational flexibility and helps to manage capacity.

Contemporary warmth

Material selection is key to creating a warm and contemporary environment across the various sites. Natural timber batons wrap around walls, ceilings and soffits in geometric planes. Paired with polished concrete flooring, white surfaces, bright yellow markers, cleverly integrated lighting, stainless steel and glass balustrades, the bussing redevelopment provides a clean and pleasant transport experience.

Dharawal Country
Mascot, New South Wales
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL)
Project Contact
Cathryn Drew-Bredin
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DesignInc Sydney - Sydney Airport T1 Bussing

Separation of arrivals and departures and terminal interfaces from remote stand bussing was achieved by implementing three new bussing zones; two servicing arriving passengers at Pier B and C, and another for departing passengers at the end of Pier B East. Two new arrivals lobbies now link passengers directly to the arrivals level of the main terminal.

DesignInc Sydney - Sydney Airport T1 Bussing

The arrivals lobbies were designed to artfully, effortlessly and intuitively lead passengers into the main terminal building to continue on to the next stage of their journey

Cathryn Drew-Bredin
Director, DesignInc