Sydney Airport T1, Master Plan

DesignInc Sydney - Sydney Airport Masterplan

DesignInc has been working with Sydney Airport Corporation for over two decades, providing a range of master planning, urban design architectural and interior design services. In 2005 we contributed to the future vision of the International Terminal master plan, scoping and $90M reorganistion of the landside area, redefining the transport and interchange components and optimising landside commercial opportunities.

DesignInc developed ten urban design principles to guide the project that are in the process of being implemented to accommodate the 29.6 mppa international passengers forecast to use the facility by 2033.

Dharawal Country
Mascot, New South Wales
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL)
Project Contact
Cathryn Drew-Bredin
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The urban design principles are:

Pedestrian activation

The master plan features three multi-storey carparks within 200 metres of the terminal, setting a framework for future development that is defined by pedestrian-friendly plazas and parks, with adjacent commercial buildings activating the area. Remaining land earmarked for new commercial developments will enjoy landscaped boulevard connections, bridge-links and green open space.

Since the masterplan was established, DesignInc has successfully in delivering a wide range of the building works.