Redfern Station Upgrade

DesignInc Sydney - Redfern Station

The mist over the landscape

Located in a highly dense urban area and a key stop on most suburban lines, Redfern Station is a major hub in the transport network. As part of the NSW-wide Transport Access Program (TAP), DesignInc is providing integrated urban design, architecture and landscape services to upgrade Redfern Station to offer a more efficient, safer and equitable customer experience.

New station entries at Little Eveleigh and Marion Streets connect to a pedestrian overpass, providing easy access to most platforms via six new stairs and lifts.

Gadigal Country
Redfern, New South Wales
Transport for NSW, Novorail Alliance
Project Contact
Richard Does
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DesignInc Sydney - Redfern Station

Echoing the past

The overpass takes its design queues from merging Eveleigh’s Industrial past with ideas of mist and steam, which is apparent in the design of the building’s cladding. While focusing the passenger’s experience on framed vistas of North and South Eveleigh and the existing heritage buildings, the design also conserves and incorporates the old industrial warehouse at 125 Little Eveleigh Street as a main entrance to the overbridge.

The entry forecourts each side of the new bridge are designed to reflect red clay and grey marl, from the soil on which the station is built, reflecting a landscape lost to the city.

Surrounding streetscape

Shared pedestrian and bicycle zones in the surrounding streets will improve connectivity from the station to facilities such as South Eveleigh, Carriageworks and education centres. Soft and hard landscaping in these shared zones aims to create a pleasurable and safe experience for both the local community and transport patrons. Planning approvals for the project are currently underway.

Alanjohn Jones - DesignInc Sydney

Alanjohn Jones

Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

Aiden Wong DesignInc Sydney

Aiden Wong

Landscape Architect, Sydney

Bikal Ghimire DesignInc Sydney

Bikal Ghimire

BIM Coordinator, Sydney

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Sean MacMahon

Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

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Wenyi Li

Landscape Architect, Sydney