Alexis Bromilow

Associate, Adelaide

By considering how individuals behave and interact with interior environments, we can approach the design as a multi-sensory tool that brings people together and connects people to place.

Alexis is an interior designer with a decade of experience designing spaces for a wide range of institutions, including educational and recreational facilities, libraries and defence spaces. She is passionate about human-centric design and creating spaces that promote wellbeing and a sense of community. With a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Alexis strives to create spaces that resonate with users and meet their unique needs.

Alexis has developed a well-rounded skill set that encompasses both creative and technical expertise to bring the clients’ visions to life. She is skilled in spatial planning and works closely with architectural teams to ensure the interiors are seamlessly integrated into the overall design. Throughout the life of a project, Alexis maintains a coherent and functional approach, bringing abstract and practical problem-solving skills to each design brief.