Richard Stafford

Director, Adelaide

The world has changed significantly over the last three decades. The types of projects we focus on are complex and require multi-layered stakeholder involvement. Now more than ever, communication, collaboration and culture are vital cornerstones of architectural practice.

Richard is an award-winning architect with a passion for social infrastructure and designing for the people involved with those vital sectors; the teachers, health practitioners, community workers, defence personnel, and the people they support; the students, patients, and the broader community.

From master planning to detailed design phases, Richard’s relaxed but focused communication style helps clients develop detailed briefs, ensuring all stakeholder requirements are comprehensively captured, understood and realised in the design solution. With over three decades of experience, he leads diverse teams on complex projects throughout Australia.

Richard is the managing director of DesignInc Adelaide where he actively promotes the professional growth of the team through the Executive Leadership Team’s pillar of People which includes HR – recruitment and annual reviews. He is a champion of design excellence and provides executive mentoring within the Adelaide studio team.