Ben Luppino

Director, Adelaide

Witnessing my projects come to life and actively contributing to communities motivates me to keep innovating and pushing for greater social outcomes.

Ben is a skilled architect who has been designing community health, sports, and recreational facilities for over 15 years. His journey in the field of architecture has been marked by his hard work and dedication, starting at DesignInc as a student and progressing to director in 2023.

With a passion for creating safe and inclusive community spaces, Ben has successfully led the delivery of more than 20 pool and 30 indoor court projects catering to diverse users, from infants to seniors. He understands the importance of incorporating adaptability and flexibility into his designs, ensuring everyone can enjoy the space regardless of their abilities, body types, and cultural sensitivities.

Ben’s expertise in architecture goes beyond designing spaces that resonate with the community. He helps his clients identify value-added opportunities that align with their business objectives. He believes in the transformative power of sports and recreation venues in creating modern community hubs that unite people and bring life to their passion, energy, and connection. For Ben, sports and recreation play a pivotal role in mental health and social sustainability in our society. He aims to empower communities to forge new bonds across multicultural and generational lines by designing spaces that encourage interaction and engagement.