DesignInc Adelaide’s Directors Double

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DesignInc Adelaide Directors Richard Stafford and Ben Zoontjens are pleased to welcome Sonya Montgomerie and Ben Luppino as new directors.

DesignInc Adelaide directors, Ben Zoontjens, Sonya Montgomerie, Ben Luppino and Richard Stafford

The promotions double Adelaide’s directors from two to four. Richard Stafford and Ben Zoontjens congratulate the new directors and appreciate their dedication to DesignInc and their significant contributions to the studio and leadership team.

It is very pleasing to welcome Sonya and Ben as shareholders and directors of our business – it is the next step in the ongoing journey of DesignInc’s studio in Adelaide.

Richard Stafford + Ben Zoontjens
Ben Luppino watches Sonya Montgomerie signing contracts to accept her role as DesignInc Adelaide director

It is a privilege to join Richard, Ben and Sonya as a director of DesignInc Adelaide. Having been supported by DesignInc for the entirety of my career, I look forward to the opportunity to guide the studio’s future direction and provide that same support to our team.

Ben Luppino
Director, DesignInc Adelaide

Ben Luppino joined DesignInc as a graduate and has steadily progressed to director. During that time, Ben has developed significant expertise in the community, sports and recreation sectors.

For Sonya Mongomerie, architecture was not her first career choice, but since joining the profession, she has created a career that has included many significant projects and a stint of 12 years with DesignInc’s Melbourne studio.

While Sonya and Ben have followed very different pathways in their progress to directorship, both have consistently illustrated exemplary project ability to identify and manage strategic and operational issues for the business. The four Adelaide directors look forward to working together as the Adelaide studio and the broader industry continue to evolve and adapt to new challenges.

DesignInc has a highly collaborative culture, committed to excellence, and dedicated to delivering exceptional client service. As a Director, I am proud to be an integral part of this exceptional team, driving the studio’s future success.

Sonya Montgomerie
Director, DesignInc Adelaide