Kat Povey Joins DesignInc Adelaide to Lead Design Management Services

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DesignInc Adelaide is pleased to announce the addition of Design Management to its multi-disciplinary studio.

Design Manager, Kat Povey, is seated at a work bench with schedules, a notebook. In the background are site plans, architectural drawings on a big whiteboard on the wall. There is natural light filtering through the full height window on the left.

Recognising the increasing complexity in the design and construction industries, DesignInc Adelaide is introducing this new service to provide added value to its clients and their projects. Design Management has become a crucial role on large and complex projects—it creates a point of contact and an integration specialist to manage and coordinate information flow across external stakeholders and the internal design team.

We welcome Kat Povey to our Adelaide studio and look forward to her building the Design Management capability across our team. Kat brings over 15 years of experience in the design and construction industries throughout Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Her ‘every client is important’ approach closely aligns with our studio’s values.DesignInc Adelaide Directors

DesignInc Adelaide Directors

As Design Manager, Kat will uncover and manage risks for DesignInc Adelaide’s projects and discover and realise opportunities that enhance outcomes for our clients. The goal is a seamless integration and delivery of the client’s needs, allowing the multi-disciplinary team the time and space to do what they do best—design.

I’m enthusiastic about Design Management, which entails strategically blending design and business strategies. I am passionate about being involved in projects where I can make a tangible impact and be part of the delivery of successful outcomes. Joining DesignInc Adelaide at this pivotal time is exciting, and I look forward to collaborating with the team.

Kat Povey
Principal, Design Management
DesignInc Adelaide