Kat Povey

Principal, Design Management, Adelaide

I’m enthusiastic about design management, which entails strategically blending design and business strategies. I am passionate about being involved in projects where I can make a tangible impact and contribute to the delivery of successful outcomes.

Kat is passionate about design, managing business operations, and tackling challenges. As a design manager, Kat is not just a point of contact but an integration specialist who oversees and coordinates information flow across external stakeholders and the internal design team.

Kat has a decade of experience as an interior designer and client development associate, designing commercial fitouts, residential and retail spaces. Leadership roles in Australia and the United Arab Emirates have equipped her to manage and deliver complex projects from start to finish. In 2017, Kat further honed her skills by completing her Master of Business Administration at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom.

Kat’s strong work ethic is evident in her dedication to delivering high-quality outcomes through creative collaboration and open communication. She values every client and ensures that each project she undertakes is completed to the highest standard. Her unique perspective on the construction industry sets Kat apart, particularly her unwavering commitment to promoting women at all levels.