Cardinia Civic Centre Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary

Our design for Cardinia Civic Centre (CCC) in Officer celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and for this reason it’s worth revisiting. Indeed, as part of the master plan for the Officer Activity Centre – a state-of-the-art sustainable precinct designated for significant residential growth – CCC is still serving Melbourne’s outer south-east very well.

The four-storey building, which has a 5 Star Green Star rating, accommodates Council staff within activity based working environments configured around a central hub with a north-facing terrace. An open plan prevails and is also supported by private spaces and semi-closed areas to provide employees with a diversity of settings in which to work. Natural and sustainable materials, including recycled Australian timber to clad atrium bridges, are used throughout, alongside an abundance of glazing. This integration of glass lends a degree of transparency to the overall scheme, not only providing visual connections across floors, but between each level and towards the outdoors too.

Public space is primarily located on the ground level and is open and easily accessible by all, providing a necessary link between Council staff and the community. The upper level work areas are visible from below and this reinforces both the physical and metaphorical concept of transparency. While visual interest and a sense of dynamism is created by the inclusion of bright accents of red, yellow and green throughout the communal and circulation areas. We’re proud to have delivered a building that so seamlessly integrates with its urban setting and provides a welcoming ‘face’ to the community via an enduring design that can truly be embraced by all.

Photography by David Ascoli and Peter Hyatt