Ben McPherson

Associate, Adelaide

It is important to build professional relationships with projects teams, the client and construction teams to ensure the project is a collaborative working environment. Collaborative environments produce the most successful outcomes.

Ben is an experienced architect with over 14 years of experience designing and managing large-scale projects. He began his career at DesignInc Adelaide as a graduate of architecture and has developed expertise in the defence, industrial, sports and recreation sectors.

Ben’s work in the defence sector involves designing expansive industrial spaces, large-scale manufacturing sites, and the ancillary facilities and education spaces that support these environments. These projects are known for their complexity and require a high level of technical skill. Ben also has experience in sports, recreation, and aquatic facilities that promote community health and wellbeing.

Ben’s commitment to collaboration is a cornerstone of his work. His technical background and experience enable him to facilitate productive discussions, even in the most complex situations. He values everyone’s skills and ideas, making each team member feel respected and integral to the process. Ben takes pride in guiding successful building outcomes and is always eager to embark on new projects.