Michael Willis

Senior Associate, Adelaide

We’re revitalising libraries into vibrant community hubs that embrace the digital information era and social engagement. Underpinned by a seamless integration of technology, the space not only delivers a vital community service, but strives to nurture those who visit.

Michael is passionate about creating innovative and purposeful designs that positively impact communities. As an architect with 15 years of experience, he focuses on community-centric projects like libraries, education centres, and civic spaces that make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Michael’s diverse skillset allows him to participate in every stage of the architectural process, from planning to construction, to ensure that each building achieves exceptional results. Drawing is essential to his design process. His drawings are loose and sketchy but serve to visualise spaces and communicate complex spatial ideas to clients.

Michael strives to make the design process inclusive and engaging to achieve buildings and environments that resonate with the community. His approachable nature makes him an effective communicator and a thoughtful listener. Above all, he prioritises the project’s best interests and enjoys translating stakeholders’ aspirations into innovative and community-focused architecture.