Freya Kuchel

Senior Associate, Adelaide

As humans, we inherently seek a connection with nature. As designers, we try to bring nature into everything we do, whether that be access to natural light, good ventilation, or blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior. We can create a connection to the landscape by bringing in natural materials like timber and stone or natural tones to increase the wellbeing of the users of the space.

Freya is an interior designer with over a decade of experience specialising in workplace and educational design. Her passion lies in bringing project visions to life and creating tangible spaces that meet end-users’ needs.

Freya is highly skilled in project initiation, client engagement, and design concept development tailored to the client’s requirements. Her effective communication style guides stakeholders in refining their vision in the conceptual phase. She offers practical advice based on strategic thinking, analysing requirements, functions, and data, and anticipating the impact of design decisions.

In her educational projects, Freya focuses on designing optimal learning environments that contribute to the community. She envisions adaptable multi-use spaces that can accommodate future growth in educational spaces for schools and tertiary institutions.

Freya is well-equipped to collaborate with businesses undergoing organisational change or adapting to evolving work dynamics. Her varied experience allows her to transfer knowledge across sectors to enhance the quality and functionality of her designs.