Our Sydney Studio has Moved!

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The DesignInc Sydney and Nguluway DesignInc teams have moved into a new studio that fosters collaboration, creativity and connection.

Our new studio space has been designed to both fit our expanding team—which has grown from 40 to 120 people in the last five years—and align with our organisational values.

Collaborative and connected

Supporting the multi-disciplinary nature of our team and our projects, our new Sydney studio fit out facilitates flexible and agile working styles through design and digital capacity. Integrating a ‘designing from Country’ approach, there are ‘brackish spaces’ along a central circulation spine where our team can connect, mingle and collaborate. Brackish spaces are an Indigenous concept of place where ‘saltwater’ and ‘freshwater’ communities and activities merge. These are the social spaces where both planned and incidental exchanges are encouraged, fostering the permeation of ideas, energy and creativity between people. These zones include a large ‘town hall’ with kitchen and adaptable amphitheater for events and gatherings as well as smaller collaborative zones, a lounge and hot desks.

Beyond the town hall zone, overlooking views to Sydney Harbour and the Eastern Suburbs, is a large open plan area with work stations with natural light where people retreat to focus and work independently. All staff have laptops, allowing our team to work flexibly at desks, tables or in meeting rooms, and to move easily between locations. The studio is digitally enabled with wi-fi and smartboards.

Warm, friendly and sustainable

Colours and textures have been selected to bring a warm and friendly tone to the space. Plywood timber, textured ochre paints, plants, soft green woolen and tan leather furnishings work together to create a place that is tactile and humanised. Down-lighting brings elegance and a calm sophistication to joinery elements.

With our first Sustainability Action Plan under development, we applied a rigorous sustainability approach to the process. Wherever possible, existing furniture was reused, and where new products are necessary, our team has specified materials and finishes considering sustainability credentials.

In line with our procurement policy of supporting First Nations businesses wherever possible, we worked with Supply Nation certified construction company DLG SHAPE to build our new studio.

With sustainability at the core of our Vision and Mission we wanted to embed this in our day-to-day experience of our new studio.  Reducing our impact on the environment was a key consideration. The design showcases our commitment to  putting first and foremost staff well-being and collaboration with work stations closer to natural light and greenery.

Mary Anne McGirr, Director