Belonging to Country—yindyamarra winhanganha

Culture / Studio News

People often ask what it means to be a First Nations designer, and what designing from Country really means. Nguluway DesignInc Director Craig Kerslake has published a manifesto of his ideas around belonging to Country and designing from Country in the Architecture Bulletin Volume 79.

Craig talks about connection to place and the unique role of architecture as having a powerful role in shaping not only the build environment, but also broader social, political and environmental systems.

This piece was produced with the assistance of the Alistair Swayn Foundation and the Australian Institute of Architects.

Architecture is unique. It connects environmental, economic, social and political networks. It is intermeshed with market forces, policies, regulations and communities…Often marshalled by time and cost, project managed to short term political moments, our architecture can become a transactional expression of narrow and at times confused parameter-based aspirations. But what would our built environment look like if informed by a culture-based social structure steeped in tradition and timeless qualities of Country?

Craig Kerslake
Director, Nguluway DesignInc