Kate Reardon

Associate, Sydney

Successful architecture stems from a desire to create a positive user experience. Through creative, adaptive and responsible design we can create spaces that are not only engaging, but also contribute to the development of a sense of well-being, place, and community.

Kate is a dynamic Architect who is passionate about creating better healthcare spaces that are not only functional and responsible, but which are also engaging, adaptive and encourage well-being and healing among its occupants. She believes high quality healthcare should be universal, accessible, equitable, and available to all people. This philosophy and passion has driven her career in the healthcare industry. This passion, coupled with extensive knowledge of the user group consultation process and client liaison methods, allow her to develop efficient and innovative fit-out solutions that respond to the client’s needs and requirements. With strong planning and communication skills, she is capable of explaining complicated architectural solutions to achieve comprehensive outcomes.



Kate Reardon