Jonny Nguyen

Associate, Sydney

‘Each project has its unique context and opportunities which can contribute to better experiences for the end users and add value to the environment. I enjoy the constant learning process in each project to realise and bring the potential to reality through exploration and collaboration with clients and design teams.’

Jonny is experienced in leading design aspects of projects from concept to construction documentation phases. Co-ordinating with Designers, Services and Structural Engineers and consultants on technical aspects of the project specific outcome.
Jonny’s strengths encompass an advanced BIM technology skillset, organising teams and tasking, collaboration across architectural drawings for best for project design outcomes. Ensuring compliance with specifications, national construction code and regulations is key to this process. Incorporating safe design principals alongside sustainable design iniatives is core to his approach. Johnny is a core member of our Airport Design Team and involved in all key aspects of design across aviation projects.

Johnny Nguyen - DesignInc Sydney