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PHIVE Parramatta is featured in the Jan/Feb 2023 issue of Architecture Australia. The theme of ‘The public living room—Architecture for everyday urban life’ is apt for this new public building.

PHIVE is an exciting new civic space in the heart of the central business district of Parramatta. It offers a welcoming space for the community and visitors alike to connect, research, remember and shape the future of this vibrant city. Working as architects in collaboration, this award-winning building was designed by DesignInc with Lacoste + Stevenson and Manuelle Gautrand Architecture.

Amidst Parramatta’s sprouting field of skyscrapers, the city’s sculpturesque new civic centre and library building cantilevers over the public square and carves out its own splace, creating a “stage for the theatre of community life”

Mark Raggatt
Architecture Australia