Nguluway DesignInc

Nguluway DesignInc is a Sydney-based design firm on Gadigal land, of the Eora nation. We bring together Aboriginal leadership and cultural knowledge with the deep architectural design and delivery expertise of the team at DesignInc.

Designing from Country


Our vision

Our vision is to help build a prosperous nation that values and embraces culture in our built environment. We are culturally-led and inspired, bringing connection to Country to the forefront of design. We strive to enhance built environments by interweaving cultural knowledge and traditions of place in all that we do.


The Nguluway DesignInc team is led by First Nations architect and proud Wiradjuri man, Craig Kerslake. Craig draws upon his cultural heritage, community and knowledge of what Aboriginal people refer to as ‘Country’. He fosters this way of knowing and doing across the team, bringing deep understanding to inform spatial planning and architectural form.

Design and delivery experience

Nguluway DesignInc combines Aboriginal leadership with the design and delivery experience of the DesignInc Sydney Studio. For each project we tailor a unique team which includes our Aboriginal leadership, client, consultants and community representatives together with the best people from our pool of over 100 talented architects, urban designers, landscape architects and interior designers. 

Cultural literacy and awareness

We are committed to enhancing cultural literacy and awareness through our organisation, industry and society. We foster a shared understanding of identity and belonging grounded in Indigenous world views, to enhance the experience and knowledge across all of our team.

Mentorship and employment

First Australians are inherently connected to place and space and yet are under-represented in the design and architecture industry. Our mentorship and employment programs aim to support greater opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander expertise and a more culturally inclusive industry and society.

Accreditations and certifications

Nguluway DesignInc is an affiliate of the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI), the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) and a member of Supply Nation. We have a number of nominated architects with the Australian Institute of Architects.

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