New Royal Adelaide Hospital

As part of the largest health and research precinct in the southern hemisphere, the New Royal Adelaide Hospital reframes the care paradigm, putting the patient experience first.

Designed as a journey to health environment, the 800-bed facility has all inpatient beds in single rooms with ensuites and operable windows, to bring patients privacy, fresh air and garden outlooks. Artworks and restorative courtyard garden spaces for patients and staff are also integral.

Technical innovations include clinicians treating patients in their rooms, and a fleet of robots to deliver supplies and food throughout – a first for Australian public hospitals. Environmental innovations will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent.

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We saw the opportunity to design ’a hospital within a park, a park within a hospital’. That idea of bringing nature into the healing spaces reshaped the architecture, and the nature of care, in quite a radical way.

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Innovation underpins everything. The facility caters to more than 80,000 patients a year with 800 beds, 40 operating theatres, healing gardens, and a community retail precinct.

Leading technology

  • Tele-health facilities reaching remote rural areas
  • Information kiosks for visitor navigation
  • Robots delivering food and equipment
  • Wireless patient-nurse call system
  • Disaster response and quarantine facilities
  • Earthquake-proof, with independent water and power supply
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Healing people

  • Naturally lit and ventilated indoor environments and winter gardens
  • Respite areas for patients and staff
  • Retail precinct with child care centre, convenience shops, food court atrium and gymnasium
  • Flexible workplace hubs (Blue Space)
  • Aboriginal Health Centre 
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Healing environment

  • Orientation optimised to increase natural light and minimise solar thermal load
  • Water conservation through rainwater harvesting for non-potable use and more
  • Energy efficient fittings, Co-generation system turning waste heat into energy
  • Responsible materials: low-VOC paints, flooring and acoustic insulation
  • Water and power metering to track and report on consumption
  • Integrated art from sculpture gardens to photography of South Australian landscapes
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Reflecting international best practice, New Royal Adelaide Hospital is designed and built around the needs of patients.

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