B-Line, Manly Vale Carpark

Manly Vale Carpark is a key component of the Northern Beaches Bus B-Line transport infrastructure project, a NSW Government initiative which provides reliable, regular and high capacity public transport options from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to the CBD.

Located on the corner of Condamine Street and Kenneth Road, Manly Vale, the carpark provides approximately 150 new car parking spaces for commuters and incorporates a world first ‘breathing wall’, designed in collaboration with Junglefy. The innovative design of the green façade incorporates rotating panels that spin 180 degrees to provide easy and safe access for ongoing plant maintenance. The breathing wall provides clean air and noise reduction for locals, creates a habitat for local biodiversity and has aesthetic value by contributing streetscape character to a busy road.

Manly Vale Carpark was announced as a finalist for the biophilia category for the 2019 Sustainability Awards.