Jun 19 2015

Glenwood Community Hub Open to the Public

Saturday June 13th the Glenwood Community Hub opened it's doors to the community for the first time after completion.
The day was celebrated by festivities such as performances by musical artists and dancing girls. Community groups set up information stalls, and a very big line formed for a famous sausage sizzle.
Lots of balloons found their way into the new timber panel ceiling.


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Jun 16 2015

Revised Development Approval for Boutique Upmarket Food Arcade for DoubleTree Hilton & Apartments, Fremantle

Revised Development Approval was achieved for the change of use to allow a boutique upmarket food arcade to be included in the new $65m DoubleTree Hilton & Apartments, Fremantle development. Building work is expected to commence on site during the 4th quarter 2015.

The 6 storey hotel/commercial/residential development is located on Point Street in historic Fremantle, adjacent the centre of Fremantle in a dynamic area undergoing revitalisation and urban renewal.


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